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Community Resilience Forum

Join Us at the Bennington County Community Resilience Forum!

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Dear Bennington County,

We're excited to invite you to the Bennington County Community Resilience Forum, a powerful event designed to strengthen our community's resilience in the face of the emerging challenges of our changing climate.

We've brought together an amazing panel of experts and agency representatives to present to you what they think are the best paths forward that we can take to increase our capacity to meet the challenges that face us.

But it isn't up to the experts, it's up to you.

Attendees will take part in a paid focus group after listening to the panel, and will vote on the what you think the District and our Partner agencies should focus on for the coming year.

Flyer for the Community Resilience Forum, a paid community focus group discussing Bennington County's climate change resilience. Register at
Community Resilience Forum Flyer

 Date: September 23, 2023
 Time: 11:00a - 5:30p
 Location: Paran Recreations, North Bennington
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Here's why you can't afford to miss this:

 Collaborative Approach: We've teamed up with state and federal agencies, local leaders, and experts to bring you a comprehensive event aimed at building community resilience from the grassroots.

 Community Empowerment: Get informed about state and federal programs supporting resilience work in Vermont. Engage in open discussions, propose ideas, and find out how you can help shape our resilient future.

 Expert Insights: Hear from experts, community leaders, and natural resource agencies on topics such as disaster response, best practices to mitigate future disasters, and community preparedness.

 Inclusive and Fun: Enjoy a delicious meal, engage in constructive dialogue, and let your children have a blast in supervised activities, all while contributing to a more resilient community.

 Active Participation: Be part of the decision-making process. Your ideas matter, and we want to hear them! Your input will be used to shape District, State, and Federal priorities for our community.

Here's a glimpse of the day:

1.  Shuttle Service
2.  Registration and Information Packet
3.  Catered Meal
4.  Children's Activities
5.  Agenda Introduction
6.  Panel Discussion
7.  Community Contribution
8.  Voting
9.  Conclusion & Stipend Payment

Don't miss your chance to be part of a resilient and empowered community. Let's build a brighter future together!

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