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Chestnut Sapling Give Away

Bennington County Conservation District Receives Donation of Over 2000 Blight-Resistant Chestnut Saplings to Boost Agricultural and Community Food Security


Thanks to a generous donation from Yellowbud Farm intended to bolster Bennington County's working landscape and enhance community food resources, the District has received more than 2000 blight-resistant hybrid chestnut saplings to distribute to the residents of the District. This significant contribution marks a substantial step towards sustainable farming and food security within our community.

The saplings, known for their resistance to blight and high yield potential, are poised to conservatively produce between 50 and 100 pounds of chestnuts per tree at maturity. To maximize their growth and success, the District is distributing these saplings at no cost to local farms and community food security projects.

Given the slight vole damage to the saplings, they will benefit from being nurtured in raised beds for a year. This care will help strengthen their roots and enhance their growth potential. The District urges quick action, as the saplings need to be planted within the next three weeks to ensure optimal development.

Interested farmers and community food project leaders are urged to apply immediately to obtain these saplings. The District is distributing the trees in bundles of 20, prioritizing those who can provide the necessary care in raised beds for the next year.

To participate in this please complete the distribution form found below.

This initiative not only supports local farmers but also contributes to our agricultural landscape's ecological diversity and resilience. We invite the community to join us in this green endeavor to plant roots for a more sustainable future.

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