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Coordinating for Cleaner Waters: Bennington County's Partnership in Southwest Vermont

Bennington County Conservation District Secures Three-Year Award for Agricultural Water Quality Initiatives


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The Bennington County Conservation District (BCCD), in collaboration with Rutland NRCD and Poultney Mettowee NRCD, is honored to announce its acquisition of a substantial three-year award amounting to $23,600. This award is a testament to BCCD's unwavering commitment to elevating agricultural water quality standards in Southwest Vermont. The strategic deployment of this award encompasses:


  •  Strategic Collaboration: BCCD will work in conjunction with Rutland NRCD, and Poultney Mettowee NRCD, to orchestrate a series of pivotal regional meetings. The inaugural assembly is slated for January 2024, with esteemed venues such as Bennington's Center for Advancement in Public Action (CAPA) and Danby's Smokey House Center.


  • -Resource Allocation: The award's financial resources will be meticulously allocated to bolster collaboration with esteemed partners, including the Lake Champlain Basin Program and insights from the Soil Health Policy Network, ensuring optimal resource utilization.


  • -Recognition of Excellence: BCCD will duly acknowledge the exemplary endeavors of local producers championing conservation practices. Their meritorious contributions will be promulgated through formal press releases, newsletters, and curated on-farm events.


  •  Unified Coordination: BCCD, Rutland NRCD, and Poultney Mettowee NRCD will liaise with other regional coordinators to guarantee a harmonized, state-wide approach to agricultural water quality endeavors.


Integral to this initiative is the collaboration with our esteemed partner organizations:

  •  USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
  •  USDA Farm Service Agency
  •  Vermont Association of Conservation Districts
  •  United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  •  University of Vermont Extension
  •  Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation
  •  Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets
  •  Vermont Housing and Conservation Board
  •  Lake Champlain Basin Program

This award not only recognizes BCCD's past achievements but also underscores our collective responsibility and commitment to ensuring a sustainable water quality future for Southwest Vermont.

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