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Harnessing the Vermont Ripsower: Healing our Watershed Homes

Bennington County Conservation District Presents: A Demonstration of the Vermont Ripsower

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Join us on October 5th for an enlightening event co-hosted by the Bennington County Conservation District. Dive deep into sustainable agriculture and discover the transformative benefits of the Ripsower.


The Ripsower Advantage:

- Flood Resilience: Equip your farm with the Ripsower to combat the challenges of flooding, ensuring your crops remain protected and thrive.

- Soil Health: Promote healthier soil structures for the optimal growth of your crops.

- Water Conservation: The Ripsower's design aids in efficient water usage, optimizing every drop.

- Increased Yield: Witness enhanced crop growth and yield due to the Ripsower's innovative technology.

- Sustainability: Adopt eco-friendly farming practices that benefit both the environment and your agricultural endeavors.


Event Details:
  • Date: October 5th
  • Time: 11am - 3pm
  • Location: Larson Farm, 69 South St, Wells, VT
  • Workshop Cost: $30; Lunch $20 for Steak or BYO
  • RSVP: Register Here


Don't miss this chance to learn about the Ripsower and its role in flood resilience and sustainable farming. Together, let's champion a resilient future for Bennington County.


*Co-hosted with pride by the Bennington County Conservation District. For more information or to request an event scholarship, contact:

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