The Big Picture

Think of all we value in the landscapes that enfold us here in southwestern Vermont:

  • Our streams, rivers and lakes - the clean waters they transport, the opportunities for recreation they provide, the organisms (trout! loons!) that live in them.
  • The forests that cloak our Green Mountains and Taconics - the natural areas and wildlife habitats they represent, the clean air and dark skies they protect, the timber and other resources they offer.
  • Our working farms - the fresh and healthy products of all kinds they make available to us, the agricultural economy they sustain, the scenic vistas they preserve.

The Bennington County Conservation District works to conserve them all, for all of us.


On Saturday and Sunday July 12 and 13, 2014, BCCD and Northeast Woodland Training will offer Game of Logging Levels 1 and 2 at the Mance family property on Route 7A in Shaftsbury, Vermont.

Game of Logging is a world-recognized program that teaches chain saw skills. Developed in the 1960s by Soren Eriksson, a Swedish logger turned training instructor, the Game of Logging combines Scandinavian logging techniques with the latest systems for working safely around trees.

Game of Logging training is hands-on. One instructor works with a small group of participants at a series of in-the-woods practice stations to ensure that each participant has time to practice and receive personal feedback. By listening, watching demonstrations, and then practicing techniques, participants come away with better work habits and greater confidence in their ability to safely fell trees and work in the woods.

Northeast Woodland Training has been offering Game of Logging instruction since 2001.

Level 1, to be held on Saturday, will focus on precision felling techniques. Level 2, to be held on Sunday, will focus on maximizing saw performance. Each day starts at 8 am and ends around 4:30 pm. The cost for each level is $150. Pre-registration is required. Registration is limited to 10 persons. Level 2 participants must have taken Level 1 training.

To register and for directions to the training site, contact Shelly Stiles at BCCD at 802 442-2275 or Or register on the Northeast Woodland Training website at

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At a recent board meeting, the Bennington County Conservation District welcomed Joe Nolan to the Board of Supervisors. Joe is a logger and raises beef, as well as helping his father John on their family farm in West Arlington. Also at the meeting, Ken Leach of Rupert was elected Chair, Jim Henderson of Sandgate was elected Vice-chair, and Alan Calfee of Dorset was elected Treasurer. Debbie Johnson of Shaftsbury also serves on the board. Natural Resources Conservation Service soil conservationist Carla Fenner advises the organization.

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Join our Book Club

Members of the Bennington County Sustainable Forest Consortium steering committee invite you to join our "book club." Every other month, one of us will pull from a hat the title of an article or book suggested by a member of the group. We'll all read that item and discuss it at the next meeting. We invite you to read what we're reading, and to comment via an e-mail or on the Bennington County Conservation District Facebook page.

Anything from the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study. See:

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