Rick Kobik

Rick Kobik came to Vermont in the early 70's with hopes to start a new hobby, maple sugaring.  He settled in Shaftsbury and then pursued his dream of owning a sugaring business. He first started sugaring with Colonel Ayres at the colonel's farm on route 7a.  He began using just a small pan and boiling a few gallons of maple syrup over an open fire. Late 70's, early 80's, Rick built his sap house and named it "Maple Hill Maple". He started out with just a basic piece of sugaring equipment, a used evaporator.  Rick took the rusty evaporator and rebuilt it with stainless steel and now boils all his maple syrup on it. He runs the business with the help of his wife, Greer, and other family members. On the average during the sugar season he gathers starting around 2 and begins boiling at 5 to about 10 or 11 at night. He taps the average amount of trees in Bennington County, 1,200 trees, both on his property and neighbors properties in Shaftsbury, VT. Most of Rick's business comes from word of mouth as most buyers are either local businesses like the Chocolate Barn and the Arlington Inn or other locals. Rick also generously donates his products to Shaftsbury school and other fundraisers . Rick thinks of sugaring as more of a enjoyable pastime than a business saying "I think for any sugar makers it is just a process that they’ve learned to love"





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Visit Rick KoBIK at his sap house in Shaftsbury!

Rick Kobik
207 Maple Hill Rd.
Shaftsbury, VT 05262


Thanks to Rick for passing on his knowledge to not only us but the whole community. You were a great help!